Buying and Caring for your Cuffs

24 May

Men are not really about Fashion like women, however, there are some that rock amazing styles. This is because when they decide to go all in, they go all in. That corporate look will be on the spotlight today. Normal shirts look okay but if you want that extra good look, you need to go for the French cuff shirt. It allows one to get a cuff accessory that definitely adds to your look. When buying these items, the best place to do so is online, this is because there are a lot of varieties with which you can choose from. In addition, buying them online guarantees that you will spend less because most online sellers are distributors themselves. Online stores also have the advantage of giving you detailed information about the cuffs, such as color, sizes and sometimes go ahead to give suggestions about the most favorable combinations that will make you look dashing.

After you buy cuff (manschette kaufen), it is important that you know how to take care of them, firstly, make sure that when you are washing your cuff shirts, separate the colored ones from your white ones so that you do not ruin them. Also use lukewarm water so that your fine material cannot be ruined. It is advisable that you never dry clean your cuff shirts because some of the chemicals that are used there could damage the colors and fine print. Staining your cuff shirt will not be in your best interests because some stains are very stubborn, some may be permanent and wearing a stained shirt is not something any sane person would do when going out in the company of classy people. It is common for the body sprays and deodorants that some people use to stain the shirts, with this in mind, make sure that they have dried before you put the shirt on.

Red wine stains are easy to remove by washing with cold water, if any sauce spilled on your cuff shirt, it is advisable that you use bar soap combine with hot water. Result to using vinegar only if the stains only lighten, add a little warm water, leave it for a few minutes and then wash it. If all these measures do not work you can use bleach to remove the stains, however, it is best to avoid bleach because it has really strong chemicals. Read more here...

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